Acumatica for HubSpot Connector

Optimize marketing and boost sales by connecting Acumatica’s unified ERP and CRM with the industry’s top marketing automation solution, HubSpot. Create, execute, and track integrated marketing and sales campaigns with Acumatica’s Unified CRM and HubSpot Connector. Automatically transfer leads generated and qualified to Acumatica CRM.

Automatically Launch, Measure, and Manage Cutting-Edge Campaigns

Acumatica’s HubSpot Connector combines the best of HubSpot’s demand generation system with Acumatica’s unified CRM and ERP. Implement and manage integrated marketing campaigns from a future-proof centralized platform. Synchronize contacts, transfer campaign results, and initiate follow-up sales calls—automatically. Respond to qualified marketing leads in real-time with Acumatica’s seamless HubSpot Connector. Execute sleek demand generation campaigns and then automatically qualify and assign leads. Tracks campaign progress automatically without resource-intensive data entry and imports.

Key Benefits of Acumatica for HubSpot Connector

  • Execute End-To-End Marketing Campaigns

    Connect a unified ERP and CRM with HubSpot to develop and execute integrated lead generation campaigns. Create sophisticated email marketing and social media campaigns in HubSpot. Automatically assign each lead to the appropriate salesperson and triggers alerts to keep the follow-up process progressing in Acumatica. Automates routine marketing follow up and lead nurturing, sending out confirmation emails and user alerts without intervention.

  • Streamline Marketing

    Consolidate HubSpot and Acumatica marketing activities. Launch campaigns on HubSpot and automatically send data and analysis to Acumatica. View all marketing and sales information on one screen and generate personalized reports with real-time data.

  • Optimize Sales

    Automatically collect, measure, and send marketing-qualified leads to sales. Equip sales with all prospect and customer data on one system to inform decisions and customer interactions. Synchronize customer and lead information across sales and marketing.

  • Increase Productivity

    Eliminate manual data entry for sales contacts, marketing campaigns, and updates between sales and marketing. Create, launch, and track marketing campaigns on one integrated solution. Deliver centralized access to all customer and prospect data.

Important Features of Acumatica Native HubSpot Connector

Integrated Marketing Campaign Management

Enables customers to create, execute, and manage marketing campaigns across both platforms. Marketing can capture leads, launch targeted campaigns, view the results, and respond in real-time on Acumatica CRM.

Out-of-the Box and Flexible Connections

Enables users to immediately connect HubSpot and Acumatica with out-of-the-box default field mappings. Users can also use custom field mappings to create custom data transfer points.

Automated Lead Management

Automatically qualifies leads in HubSpot and transfers them to Acumatica. It also immediately assigns new MQLs to the appropriate salesperson.

Sales Automation

Pushes new MQLs to each salesperson, enabling them to follow-up to new leads immediately. Presents a full view of opportunities and contacts to inform decisions. Improves efficiency with workflow-assisted lead assignment and management.

360-Degree Views of Customer and Prospect Data

Delivers a 360-degree view of customer information and enables users to drilldown for details.

Contact Management

Synchronizes contact information across HubSpot and Acumatica.

Email Management

Provides email templates for users to customize and use as confirmation emails. Automatically sends confirmation emails to customers when payments are cleared.

Unified ERP and CRM Management

Enables HubSpot to connect with Acumatica CRM, which is embedded in Acumatica’s ERP Platform. The unified platform integrates marketing, sales, customer management, and financial operations.

Customer Case Management

Tracks, assigns, and manages customer and employee support cases via integration to Acumatica CRM.

See what Acumatica customers are saying

"Acumatica helps us collect data we need to make informed decisions, and we are very good at taking that data and turning it into actionable decisions. We get to do that because Acumatica is so customizable and allows us to do that on the fly, based on live data."
Patrick Madison, CFO
"With Sage, our technical support was generally very slow. You would put a ticket in and maybe you’d hear back from them two, three days later. With Acumatica, you get an almost immediate response."
Glenda Starkweather, Vice President
Boulder Creek Stone

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